Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Part time job for youngsters.

This blog post is dedicated to all youngsters who wish to make money of their own.
Here are some methods by which you can earn money .The amount you earn depends upon the time and effort you spend on the project.(you will see it later in this post.)

  1. Income from blogging : If you are familiar with blogging I neednt tell it to you.You can proceed to tip 2.If you are interested to know more then read the previous post

Note : If you believe that that post was useful or not useful pls post a comment so that I can improve the blog to give YOU more information.

2.Income from developing products and selling it.

Its very wrong to think that you are not good for anything.There is a saying that

"The greatest battle was won not by stronger or powerful people but by people who had strong faith that they can"

First begin to think and feel that YOU are capable of achieving good thinks.Then miracles will happen in your life.

YOU can develop a downloadable product such as e-book or softwares and sell it through websites and earn money.

If you are interested in developing an e-book then download free software for developing e-books from :

eBook Maestro FREE 1.60 from site

The ideas for creating money will be continued in next post.

Wishing you all success and prosperity,

Vinayak G Nair

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