Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Part time job for youngsters.

This blog post is dedicated to all youngsters who wish to make money of their own.
Here are some methods by which you can earn money .The amount you earn depends upon the time and effort you spend on the project.(you will see it later in this post.)

  1. Income from blogging : If you are familiar with blogging I neednt tell it to you.You can proceed to tip 2.If you are interested to know more then read the previous post

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2.Income from developing products and selling it.

Its very wrong to think that you are not good for anything.There is a saying that

"The greatest battle was won not by stronger or powerful people but by people who had strong faith that they can"

First begin to think and feel that YOU are capable of achieving good thinks.Then miracles will happen in your life.

YOU can develop a downloadable product such as e-book or softwares and sell it through websites and earn money.

If you are interested in developing an e-book then download free software for developing e-books from :

eBook Maestro FREE 1.60 from site

The ideas for creating money will be continued in next post.

Wishing you all success and prosperity,

Vinayak G Nair

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Master Plan for making a fortune online.

Let us begin the master plan for generating a fortune online.
Note : These techniques are highly efficient and its feasibility is quite high.I myself has applied this techniques and Iam quite happy about its results.If you still doubt that iam joking , read further. OK.
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Technique #1: Making a fortune from a blog and adsense.
If you are not familiar with the word blog then read this paragraph.If you are already a blogger skip this paragraph.Blog is an online journal where people publish their thoughts or ideas.A blogger is a person who publishes a blog.He updates ( add content ) his blog periodically.There are people who visits the blogs and just check out the opinion of others.If a blog has content that is useful to readers then the number of readers for the blog increases.Now you have got a clear idea of what a blog is.
Its no use if we discuss about something and just didnt make an attempt to implement it.
So lets see what is the masterplan to be put into action.
Step 1 : Create a blog.
There are many services which allows you to create your blog for free.
Step 2 : Write about a topic that has an audience and in which you have Topics like tax planning has more audience .
Step 3: Increasing traffic to blogs.Submit your blog address to all blog directories and also mail it to your friends.Tell them to post comments.
Step 4 : SEO or search engine optimisation.Make sure that your blog name , title of each posts etc. relates to content of your blog.
Step 5 : Apply for google adsense .
Step 6 : Paste adsense code to your blog.
Step 7 : Now your job is to keep on adding new and useful content to blog and just focus on attracting new visitors to your blog.
Step 8 : As more people visits your blog and clicks on adsense ads you will be paid.

Monday, February 5, 2007


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